At Safari Learning® Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten – 1st Grade Academy we offer the best of education by academically advancing your child with our Zoo-phonics® Multisensory Language Arts Program plus connecting subjects (math, art, music, sensory motor, physical education, science, etc.) and by stimulating emotional and social growth. Our Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten – 1st Grade provides a safe and joyful haven while preparing your child for future learning.

We offer equal admission opportunity regardless of sex, race, color, national ethnic origin or ability to learn. It is our goal to see that all children are given an equal “first start” to education.
For students with special needs, we will seek county resources for additional help so they gain every possible educational advantage. It is our duty to see each child as “a whole” and to guide them on the path to develop a love of learning as a life-long learner.

Your child deserves the BEST so contact us for more information about enrollment.

Monthly rates

Kindergarten – 1st Grade Academy Tuition* 4 day minimum

4 Half Days $347
4 Full Days $455
5 Half Days $433
5 Full Days $568.75

Transitional Kindergarten Academy Prices

3 Half Days $289.25
3 Full Days $380.25
4 Half Days $386
4 Full Days $507
5 Half Days $482
5 Full Days $633.75

* A registration fee of $150 is required before entry.

Meals tasty and nutritious!

Breakfast $3.50 per meal
Lunch $3.50 per meal

Academic Tutoring 2 sessions per week minimum
Ages K – 12th grade is $25 per hour