Safari Community

At Safari Learning® we think it’s very important to learn about our community and participate to make it an even better place for all, especially those less fortunate.

Also, we actively try to reduce our Ecological Footprint and to be as “green” as possible. Protecting the environment is a major concern and an important part of our curriculum.

We select our cleaning products carefully for non-toxicity and environmental impact. Our batteries are recycled in a “household hazardous waste” recycling container and delivered to an approved drop-off center. We recycle all used plastic, glass and aluminum. And we limit our power and water usage when possible.

By doing this we hope to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Recent Projects

Project Safari Compassion (Homeless Survival Packages)
Each year,Safari Learning® Kindergarten – 1st Grade Academy administration, staff, children and parents participate in the gathering of supplies for the homeless. Gallon sized baggies are filled with socks, toothbrushes, dental floss, toothpaste, pens, pencils, tablets, Band-Aids, safety pins, razors, shampoo, conditioner, hand lotion, needles and thread, a votive candle, matches, hard candies, etc. (Also, cosmetic jewelry and other gifts were donated as well.)

This year (2011), thanks to you, some outside friends who stay in hotels a lot, Dr. Hardy and Dr. Bouchoucha and a few other friends, we gave the David Lambert Center 79 HOMELESS SURVIVAL PACKAGES! We delivered them before Christmas! We delivered 2 boxes of candy canes and Christmas cards signed by our children to the Casa Viejos Memory Care Center, Sonora, CA and to the Oak Terrace Memory Care Center, in Sonora, CA. We sent cookies to the Fire Fighters at Station 54 in Sonora, CA. And we made and gave cookies out to all our local helping friends (Smile Keepers, etc.). Thank you all!

Operation Zambia, Africa
In 2010, we added another charity to our list! We are now collecting school supplies for 130 (our goal) children, of various ages, in a village in Zambia, Africa. Char’s daughter Lindsay spent three weeks with Overland Missions in Zambia, and trained the teachers and children in Zoo-phonics® (Char sent Zoo-phonics® educational materials ahead of time). She realized that children didn’t have shoes nor toys or school supplies. Zoo-phonics® will donate individual games and materials for each child. Parents have been bringing in school supplies daily. (Please keep that up!)

We encourage parents to bring in slightly used (in really good condition) small toys and books so every child can have a book and toy in their Zoo-phonics® sack, as well as school supplies and educational materials. We welcome shoes and t-shirts that are in good condition as well. We are also sending a whole box of children’s Crocs that are in great condition.

Right now, the rains are hitting Zambia and will continue to do so (filling Victoria Falls) so we have several months to keep collecting before we send the donations to Africa in the spring. Please help! Thank you!

Operation Christmas Child
We filled shoe boxes with age-appropriate toiletries, toys, school supplies, socks, books, art materials, etc. for kids in need. Then we labeled the boxes with age and gender and included a check for $7 for shipping. We took the boxes to KAMB Radio in Merced who delivered them to the kids.

InnerChange of San Francisco
This organization feeds, counsels and befriends street people in San Francisco. Most often they are teenagers that, for one reason or another, no longer have a family or home. Sometimes those in need have children.
We are collecting survival type items (safety pins, pens, pencils, small tablets, coffee and tea in individual packets, sugar, creamer, hand lotions, shampoos, conditioner (hotel sized), socks, combs, tooth brushes, tooth paste, gum, hard candies, votive candles, matches, disposable razors, etc.) and packaging them with a Christmas card then distributed them, first to our local community of Sonora (there are usually about 10 families in need, including children), then to InnerChange. Our survival bags offer a little bit of comfort and hope during the holiday season.

We are always looking for ways to help so please feel free to contact us with your ideas for expanding our community involvement!