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Common Room

Language Arts Room

Math & Science Room

Playground 1

Primary School 1

Primary School 2

Toddler Room 1

Toddler Room 2

Playground 2


Directions for use

To access the cams just follow these steps:

1.) Select the room above that you’d like to view and click name to activate (Common Room, etc.).

2.) Enter your username and password. (Please be sure to use lowercase letters only.)

3.) You will receive a security warning regarding necessary ActiveX content installation (sample warning indicated by red arrow as shown in box below). Click as directed to install ActiveX.


4.) You will receive the security warning regarding necessary Panasonic cam software installation (sample warning shown in box below). Click the “Install” button to install the necessary software.


5) Once the install is complete you will be able to view your Safari learner in live motion!

6) Each cam allows up to 20 viewers at one time. When finished viewing please remember to close your session by clicking on the Safari Learning® logo beneath the cam image. You can also end your session by closing your browser window.

The cams are available continuously during operational hours.