The goals and standards established by our director and teachers (and parents as appropriate) help children learn how to solve problems, cope with challenges, and develop oral language skills to enable them to communicate positively with others. School readiness is a benchmark for our students as they progress throughout the years. Helping each to excel is a priority.

Also it is our responsibility to reach those students who need the extra help, either in behavior or academics. To the best of our ability, without taking anything away from others in the program, we help those students to work successfully in the group as they reach their full potential.

  • We will help students learn functional skills which are developmentally appropriate and can be generalized across all settings.
  • We will promote spontaneous communication, social interactions, cognitive development and enhanced motor skills.
  • We will offer a balance of child-discovery and tailored instruction.
  • We will facilitate learning through play and discovery at all times.
  • We will provide a safe, healthy, and clean learning environment.
  • We will ensure that students, parents, teachers and the director experience an atmosphere of trust, security and comfort.
  • We will promote the uniqueness and individual worth of each student by focusing on his or her assets and strengths.
  • We will enhance the student’s curiosity and perception of the world around them.
  • We will help each student develop the academic, social and emotional skills necessary to his or her success.

“Hello! I definitely did not intend on my actions being publicly announced and I am very flattered. I feel that those little gestures are the least I can do to show Doug and my appreciation for the service and environment you provide to Abigail. The confidence and comfort we have with you, Katie and your staff in providing a safe, educational and loving environment to our children is priceless. You are definitely a part of our family and our every night dinner conversations! We originally enrolled Abby to have some interaction with other children of her age. Little did we know at the time that she would grow by leaps and bounds, not only educationally but socially as well. To see the smile on her face every time we “login” thru the webcam but also when we pick her up is proof of what you have created for our children. Thank you for what you, Katie and your staff do every day, seemingly effortlessly and always with lots of hugs and smiles!!”

—Doug & Michelle Benton