Safari Toddler Admissions

At Safari Learning® Toddler we help our young learners to feel safe, loved and comfortable away from home. Our center is an alternate arena, beyond the home, to develop socially, physically, emotionally and academically. We actively encourage self-discovery that points the child to people, places and things outside of themselves and their families to help them see the “big picture” of our world around us.

We offer equal admission opportunity regardless of sex, race, color, national ethnic origin or ability to learn. It is our goal to see that all children are given an equal “first start” to education.
For students with special needs, we will seek county resources for additional help so they gain every possible educational advantage. It is our duty to see each child as “a whole” and to guide them on the path to develop a love of learning as a life-long learner.

Your child deserves the BEST so contact us for more information about enrollment.

And ask us about our new Safari Learning® Kindergarten – 1st Grade Academy featuring Zoo-phonics®!

Monthly Rates

***rates shown effective August 2024

Preschool Tuition* 2 day minimum

Days Potty Trained Toddlers Toddler in diapers 18 months – 3 years
2 Days Full $381.33
Half $305.50
Full $398.67
Half $318.50
3 Days Full $572.00
Half $458.25
Full $598.00
Half $477.00
4 Days Full $762.67
Half $611.00
Full $797.33
Half $637.00
5 Days Full $953.33
Half $763.75
Full $996.67
Half $796.25
Daily Rate $44.00/$35.25 $46.00/$36.75

* A registration fee of $150 is required before entry. $135 worth of Zoo-phonics® materials are given to each parent free of charge.

* Half Day programs run 8:00 – 12:30 pm.

Meals tasty and nutritious!

Breakfast $4.00
Lunch $4.00