At Safari Learning® we believe that young learners need access to wonderful, open-ended materials and equipment that stimulate thought, play, analysis, evaluation, oral language, cooperation, interaction—and just plain fun.

Not all things have to be considered “educational” to be educational. A child can take a stapler and turn it into a rocket ship. In their mind, they picture the moon and the stars and put themselves and their friends “in the driver’s seat.” And we supply the vehicles for just such adventure.

We continually provide a unique, innovative and integrated curriculum (concepts, products and materials) that align with the principles for developmental learning as established by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Best teaching practices, based on well-established and rigorous research, guide our curriculum choices and approaches.

Ultimately, we hope that our care and curriculum gives all Safari Learners the confidence to become successful, life-long learners.

  • Safari Learning® Preschool (12 weeks – 5 years)
    Full and part-time programs year around. Potty training NOT required for Infant or Toddler Program.
  • Safari Learning Primary Academy® Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten – 1st Grade Academy (4.5-7 years)
    Half or whole day programs. Small classes!
  • Safari Learning® Tutoring Center (K -12th Grade)
    Is your child ready for the next grade level? We can help!
  • Safari Summer Adventure Camp (5-9 years)
    Half day 8am – 1pm
    Full day 8am – 4:30pm
    Please call for more information.
  • Creative, caring and nurturing staff
  • Continuous on-site protection through our Procare System and door alarm system
  • Webcams available as a window into our classrooms so you can see your child throughout the day
  • Play-based, hands-on activities
  • Phonological awareness, art, music, math, science, nature, nutrition, exercise, self-care and social concepts
  • Developmentally appropriate curriculum and school readiness
  • Innovative computer lab and media center
  • Student observations, assessments and evaluations

Anything missing on our list? Please feel free to contact us with your ideas for expanding our services and programs.