Safari Parents Zoo-Training

This section of our site will help train you to assist and support your Safari Learner with the Zoo-phonics® Program and Methodology.

Zoo-phonics® has proven itself to be a highly successful Language Arts Program. Teachers love Zoo-phonics® because it’s concrete and brings fun into the classroom. Parents find Zoo-phonics® a way by which they can educationally support their children at home. Still, the best advocates are the children themselves, who learn quickly and without stress.

Zoo-phonics® forestalls failure, and a child develops a positive self-image. The door to successful learning is opened and the child is off … and reading… and spelling… and writing!

Preparing your child for school is one of the most important things you can do next to loving her/him, and teaching her/him to be a positive citizen in the community. You will never regret the investment of time and money that you have put into your child’s literacy. This is your way of insuring your child’s success in school and in her/his future.

As with learning to ride a bike, lots of practice is the key to success. So it is with Zoo-phonics®. At Safari Learning® we incorporate Zoo-phonics® into our entire day. At home you can do the same by “playing” Zoo-phonics® with your Safari Learner at every opportunity.

For best results in supporting your Safari Learner we suggest that you study in sequence the training elements listed below. Getting familiar first with the “Essences of Zoo-phonics®” will help you gain a better overall understanding of the Zoo-phonics® Program.

And, if you reach the point in assisting your child where you want to support more advanced concepts, Zoo-phonics® offers in-depth training and many additional instructional materials at Zoo-phonics®.com.
For specific questions about Zoo-phonics® feel free to e-mail Zoophonia (she’s our educational expert). And please contact us with additional questions or to schedule an appointment to speak with Director Char or your child’s teacher.

We are here to help and make learning fun! After all, the Zoo-phonics® motto is “Keep it light and make it fun.”


Getting Started

The Basics


Fun Stuff

Lot’s more to come! Please check back soon as we develop this section!

The pdf files above are portions of chapters in the Zoo-Parent Guide by Zoo-phonics®, Inc. Copyright 2000.

Occasionally the instructions will refer to specific Zoo-phonics® materials which may be unfamiliar to you. Please feel free to contact us with your questions or visit Zoo-phonics®.com for details and purchase info (click on “Parents Corner on top or bottom navigation bar).