Safari Meals & Menus

At Safari Learning® we serve a nutritious breakfast and lunch (for a nominal fee) and offer healthy snacks twice daily (at no charge) which include the following:

  • Whole wheat and oat flour breads and tortillas
  • 2% reduced fat milk
  • Proteins such as range grown, hormone free Diestel turkey, chicken, lean hamburger, beans and legumes and quality dairy products
  • No processed cheeses
  • Healthy oils with no trans fats
  • Very little added sugar
  • A wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • A protein paired with a complex carbohydrate in most meals
  • A serving of whole grain, protein and dairy with most meals
  • Water available as an option to juice or milk
  • Also, we follow state mandates for portions and food components

Sample menu (“Discovering the letter “c” sample)

Breakfast Snack AM Lunch Snack PM
Mon Cereal, oranges, milk Pretzels, peanut butter, water Pasta w/ tomato sauce, mixed veggies, milk Goldfish, raisins, water
Tue Cereal, bananas, milk Tuna, crackers, water Chicken and bean burritos, apples, olives, milk Cheese and crackers, water
Wed Cereal, apples, milk Super Safari Mix, water Cheese pizza, celery, carrots, milk Mexican Wedding Cakes (Made by the children)
Thu Cereal, grapes, milk Bean dip, tortilla chips, water Fish sticks, peas, corn, milk Animal crackers, oranges, water
Fri Cereal, oranges, milk Bagels, cream cheese, water Ham and cheese scramble, potatoes, peaches, milk Turkey meat, whole wheat crackers, water