Tutoring Center

Ready for school?

Is your child ready for the next grade level? Let our tutoring center help!

Research with children, grades K – 12th, shows that good self-esteem begins with successful learning and positive relationships with parents, siblings, teachers and peers.

Kids who feel good about themselves have an easier time handling conflicts and resisting negative pressures. They tend to smile more readily, enjoy life, and approach challenges optimistically.

Patterns of self-esteem start early in life so make sure “feeling good” happens today!

Our tutoring can improve your child’s confidence in language arts, english, math, science and exam prep including SAT and CA exit exams!

Ages: Kindergarten – 12th Grade! and college math and English welcome!

  • Subject specific tutoring in reading, spelling, writing and math for K – High School and College too!
  • Homework help in all subjects
  • STAR testing and SAT preparation
  • CAHSEE preparation
  • Summer school support — we’ll help your child catch up!
  • Eliminating “Math Blocks”

Tutoring Center Rates 2 sessions per week minimum

Kindergarten – 12th Grade $25/hr.

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